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LGBTQ Alert: 4 Kenyan Celebrities Who Are Proudly Gay 

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 Top Celebrities Have Come Out Of The Closet And Declared Their Sexual Orientation

Most people hide their sexual orientation from others because they at times fear judgment and rejection. However, some celebrities who are brave have come out to declare their sexual orientation without the fear of facing stigmatization from the online community. Here are the top male celebrities who have declared to be gay:

Dennis Karuri 

Celebrity Dennis Karuri who is gay
Gay Celebrity Dennis Karuri looking hot in cherry red lipstick

Dennis has broken barriers in the makeup industry in Kenya. Although men have begun to dominate the industry, the artiste has put his best foot forward and is shining. He wears makeup and fits perfectly in women’s attire looking exactly like a sexy woman. Even though he faces criticism online due to his sexual orientation, Karuri stands tall and is proudly gay.

Willis Chimano 

The Sauti Sol member caused a frenzy when he came out of the closet and revealed his sexual orientation. The musician expressed himself in a song where he confirmed that he is a member of the LGBTQ community. Despite the backlash he has received from the online community, Willis is openly gay.

Silas Miami 

The South African-based filmmaker came out of the closet when he posted a photo on social media alongside his Caucasian lover declaring that he is happy in the relationship.

Mpenzi Chokuu

Mpenzi Chokuu Flaunting his big bum
Mpenzi Chokuu Flaunting his big bum

German-based gay content creator Sammy Owiya alias Mpenzi Chokuu declared himself to be the sexiest gay man. He revealed to his fans that his family disowned him when his gay tendencies started showing. Chokuu advises women to drop men who are broke without feeling any guilt.

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LGBTQ Alert: 4 Kenyan Celebrities Who Are Proudly Gay  1 1432

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