Caught in the Act: Ugandan Shopping Arcades Turned Brothels

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Shopping Arcades Turned Brothels on the Rise in Uganda

Shopping arcades turned brothels in central Uganda district of Masaka are on the rise and many men are flocking these areas, not to buy goods but to purchase erotic services. 

A local newspaper which reports in a local language,Bukedde said that most of the Arcades are turned into brothels any time of the day.

It said that the arcades are subdivided in small shops mostly managed by women although there are also some men who also work there.

Most of the women who work there also part time as sex workers. When they get customers who want to buy clothes or other items they sell to them .But when they get men who want to fuck them they simply lock from inside and they mind their fucking business.

According to the newspaper, the women cooperate with each other to the extent that if anyone came looking for one of their colleagues being fucked in side the closed shop they quickly tell him that she is not around.

One of the leaders in the area where one of such arcades is located, John Lwibanga, said that it is interesting that most of the women involved in sex work in the arcades are married.

One of the women interviewed, name withheld, said that they are doing so because business is slow yet rent for the shops is high. She said if she is fucked by 3 men in a day she can make up to 100,000 Ugandan shillings (USD 26.70) yet from selling items in the shop she can not make more that 30,000 (USD 8.00) profit per day.

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