Benching: The Dating Trend That Might Ruin Your Love Life In 2024. 1

Benching: The Dating Trend That Might Ruin Your Love Life In 2024.

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Benching Took The Crown for The Worst Dating Trend in 2023.

What is ‘Benching’ In a Relationship?

Benching is when your partner doesn’t want to let go of you but doesn’t fully commit to being in a full-blown relationship with you. There are various reasons why some people have taken on the dating trend. Some people have unrealistic expectations for their partners, the slightest inconvenience may piss them off and force them to bench their partners.
According to a 2020 study, dating apps and social media enable benching because people can remain in touch with several partners simultaneously giving them breadcrumbs of affection with very little effort. One can easily send a meme, post or random text and easily string someone along.

Subtle Signs You Are Being ‘Benched’

You are always their backup plan. They may try to make last-minute plans mostly because something they planned has fallen through and they need to fill the gap in their schedule.
They use you as an emotional fallback but never avail themselves for you. They use you as a source of emotional support when they are going through difficult times and need your comfort. Being there for you might make you think they value and need you. It’s important to note whether your support is reciprocated or is one way.
Benching: The Dating Trend That Might Ruin Your Love Life In 2024. 2
They are  MIA but they resurface at their convenience. They may engage in casual sex with you regularly or emotionally without hinting at committing to you emotionally. They may take you on a date to a relative’s wedding or a night out with their friends to make you feel like you are “the one”. When such displays of interest are followed by a period of silence, it’s time to reconsider the relationship. There are high chances that their best player was away so they only strung you along as their sub.

How Do You Deal With Benching?

Have an Open Conversation With Your Partner

If you realize that you are being benched consider having an open conversation with your partner. People sometimes bench others because they fear to commit and they also assume that you are dating around. If they think you are dating other people they may string you along until you solidify your relationship.

Know When To Walk Away

If you can’t get the loyalty that you deserve, it’s a surefire sign that you need to move on. There is no reason for waiting around on a person who treats you like an option. Walk away and settle for a person who wants to be consistent in your life.
Benching: The Dating Trend That Might Ruin Your Love Life In 2024. 3 415

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