BYO model in nude scandal

Former Mister Zimbabwe Ben Chest Caught in Nudes Scandal

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Byo Model Ben Chest Caught in Nudes Storm

Top fashion model Bernard Ndlovu popularly known as Ben Chest has found himself at a tight end after his nudes circulated online. The former Mister Zimbabwe claims that his phone was hacked only for the hackers to post his nude photos on his WhatsApp status.

Bernard Ndlovu
Bernard Ndlovu

He said, ” My WhatsApp was hacked through a web clone which they used to gain access and control my account. My friends called me and told me that there were nude photos on my status,” said the model.

The socialite made claims that he’s undergoing counselling sessions since can’t gather sleep as he is depressed. The model further claims that being around people makes it better as they console him but affects him when he is on his own. Mister Ghana is probably disturbed by what his family and church members will say about his nudes going viral.
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The picture on Ben Chest’s Whatsapp status shows the mid-section of a man posing stark naked
Speaking during an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, he was a bit hesitant to talk about the incident. He said, “I am getting counselling because it takes one second to post nude photos on the timeline, but forever for the person to recover. I can’t sleep at night, and I am depressed. During the day, it’s ok when I am with people and they console me, but when I am alone it affects me because I have family and church members. I wonder who would play like this.”
Ben Chest looking all flashy
Ben Chest looking all flashy
The Byo model scooped an award for Mr Continent best body in Accra, Ghana last year. He is famed for leading entourages at local airports when a famous person jets into the country. The socialite has modelled for retail outlet Edgar’s and featured in their magazines across the country. He has also appeared in various music videos including Jah Prayzah’s Sadza neMuriwo.
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