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{VIDEO} Kenyan Tiktoker Becky Akinyi Making A Fortune From Masturbating And Stripping On Cam Site

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Tiktoker Becky Akinyi Earning Lots Of Money From Masturbating Online

Popular Tiktoker Becky Akinyi changed her career from a housemaid to a cm girl after realizing that she would make a fortune from the job. Her cam fans pay her good money as such she hangs around the cam sites and fulfills their sexual fantasies.

In the videos, Becky is seen spreading her pussy and fucking her ass using a dildo. She also records herself sucking the dildo and fucking her pussy as well as playing with her own body depending on what her clients ask her to do.

Tiktoker Becky Akinyi who makes alot of money from masturbating online
Tiktoker Becky Akinyi makes alot of money from masturbating online

In a past interview, Becky Akinyi revealed that she got into the job after facing hardships and felt it was an easy way to earn good money. Talking about the job, Akinyi revealed that being a cam girl was all about stripping before a camera and making money out of it. She said,

“Hii kazi unafungua computer yako , create an account unaingia ndani na kazi unabaki uchi. jinsi ulivyo zaliwa jamani unawacha wababa waone umebeba nini mzuri ” (This job entails being on a computer and logging in into your account. You remove your clothes and let men see how endowed you are.”)

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