Musician Davido’s Alleged Side Chic Anita Brown Updates Netizens On Her Dating Upgrade After Breakup

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Anita Brown the alleged side chick of Afrobeats singer Davido has revealed details about her most recent dating preferences. The US-based entrepreneur asserted that her taste has shifted to white men, Arabs and men who have shares and assets and are not social media enthusiasts.
She cautioned Nigerian men who misunderstand her and seem to take advantage of her vulnerability. Anita also declared that she will never meet anyone like Davido again adding that her experience with the musician has taught her a very valuable lesson. Anita asserted that she isn’t interested in minorities, whitewashed artists, urban boys or men who aren’t CEOs or chairmen.
She wrote, “Don’t confuse my Nigerian moment of weakness and run in. That was a lesson that will forever keep “y’all kind” off my radar for the rest of my life. I am in no way, shape, or fo interested in urban men, artists, minorities who aren’t whitewashed, men who aren’t CEOs or Chairman. I date white men, Arabs and professionals. The people I date don’t have social media. They have stocks and shares in social media. “
Earlier on Anita had sent her well wishes to Afrobeats star Davido and his wife following the news that the pair welcomed a set of twins. Brown spurred reactions with how she took in the good news. In a bid to end lingering differences, the American model wished Chioma and Davido the best of luck in life.

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