Wizkid + Davido = Epic Bromance: The True Story You Didn't Know 1

Wizkid + Davido = Epic Bromance: The True Story You Didn’t Know

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Wizkid and Davido: More Than Music, Unveiling Their Bro Code


This week, the assumed rivalry between Wizkid and Davido decided to take a vacation, and fans joined in on the joyous dance of camaraderie. 

The Afrobeats giants set the stage on fire with their unexpected bromance at Jada P’s younger sister, Skyla’s debut show in Lagos, aptly named “Even In The Day with Skyla.


Davido, making an appearance, turned the event into a love fest. The duo was spotted hugging and vibing like a  teenage couple deeply in love, dispelling the assumed rivalry and sending fans into a frenzy of happiness. Safe to say, happiness choke!!


Fans took to Twitter to express their delight at this unexpected twist in the Wizkid-Davido saga:


@Korty_EO: burna boy back with his babe, davido and wizkid locked in again. This is your sign to go back to your ex before 2024


@iamnasboi: Dear Davido and Wizkid, no be to make us happy 1 day o! Continue being friends


@aystickz: E remain small make one propose to the other


@chemicalbrodar: That’s African royalty right there. 2 kings of Afrobeats


@itweetmamind: Remain small Davido for kiss Big Wiz


@harluks: People dy chop life. Sad depressed people still dy throw banter


@Irunnia: The ogas dey vibe but fans want kee themselves


@DemolaExpoze: See the joy on 001’s face


@symplyDAPO: But why fans wan wound themselves


@Cruisewithmee: Davido dey hold Wizkid like gf wey just settle with her bf

Abeg no break my idolo neck


@TheMahleek: Even if Wizkid & Davido dance together till Monday, agenda no fit finish for this app


In the spirit of Christmas, it seems the Afrobeat maestros have embraced the season of love, proving that, sometimes, even assumed rivals can set aside assumptions for a good dance. Here’s to more love, less ego, and unexpected bromance moments in the world of Afrobeats!

We are sure glad to see them together!

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