Windhoek nightlife

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The nightlife of Windhoek is exciting and memorable to those with an adventure-filled spirit. Most girls here work in nightclubs, some in hotels and others casinos.

Windhoek city springs into life as early as 5 pm, with traffic jams going as late as 10 pm during the weekends.

Some of the most popular nightclubs in Windhoek include:

  • Wine Bar. Find the city’s premium wine selections in this historic mansion that used to store the town’s water supply.
  • Joe’s Beerhouse. Get a wide selection of Namibian and German beers that you could drink all night long.
  • Boiler Room at the Warehouse Theatre. Get to enjoy after-work drinks as you listen to live music that will get you dancing.
  • Pharaohs Lounge. Chill out on the lounge chairs as you enjoy a cocktail. You might as well dance to the best local and international hits.
  • Club London. Regularyly check the club’s social media updates on the theme of the night. Whether it’s a foam party or a glow stick event, you will definitely enjoy your night.

It is worth noting that Windhoek has diverse cultures. It is one of the less crowded cities and this means an unlimited supply of water and electricity with access to all crucial services.

The way of life here is simple and people are allowed to be who they want to be.

Younger women, especially those out of work, in school, and those with less rewarding jobs tend to seek older men to cater for them financially. These older men are generally known as blessers. However, beware of underage girls in drinking dens with the hope of raising money for their poor families.

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