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Where to find affordable escorts in Tanzania

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Sometimes you may wonder where to find goodies, a spot where you can have a moment for a one night stand or a woman for a quickie, and currently, thanks to social media, it’s easier to go to DMs and express yourself. Yet still, there are some places you can find someone to move your night with love, analogically.

We have listed down a few places in Tanzania where the spot is always warm at night.

1.Uhindini, Dodoma

This is a street in the city centre of Dodoma. The place is a calm, busy office environment with low traffic of cars and people during the day but pretty warmer at night. It has very cool streets, making it easier for women of the night to hide and pose for horny men and pickup artists who want to get laid. The most effective time to pick up girls is at night. The is a night club just a few blocks away for pedestrians who want to book a lodge.

2. Clock Tower, Arusha

The Geneva of Africa has good places to hang out, due to the presence of many guests from all over the world who spend most of their time in the hotels, apartments, and lodges.

But for the residents, Clock Tower is an ideal venue to meet up women for sex due to the availability of ample parking spots and the nearby Arusha Hotel which is always full to the brim.

3. Kaloleni, Arusha

Kaloleni has two famous bars, Mrina Pub and Shiva night Club that attract the city women as well as visitors. The place has more women than any other place in Arusha, making it a popular sex hotspot. Sex here is on sale almost all the time.

4. Makoroboi Mwanza

Tanzanian prostitutes love this area for quickies. The place is as small as the city centre spot used for machinga businesses at day, but at night it is something else. Currently, the spot has bars and hotel suites that are never dry for women, hence making the Makoroboi spot ideal for cheaper women.

5. Shooters Lounge, Mtwara

The place is a fast-growing grill lounge in the town that attracts many. It is considered a trendy place. The Lounge offers a Pool table, public bar and Nyamachoma, that spenders and revelers are always there. The lounge shifts from an entertainment joint to hook up spot and meeting spot for men and women seeking sex.

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The lounge is located near the football stadium, Ndanda, (Nangwanda sijaona) with a nice open parking spot for cars and bikes from evening to late nights.

6. Ohio Street

Ohio St. has been a famous spot for generations due to the presence of Serena hotel and former Sheraton Hotel. The most expensive women have spent their nights here with clients since early ’90s. It is a popular hookup joint for travelers and city workers who are looking for michepuko.

7. Oysterbay (Haile Selassie road)

Oysterbay Area is a peninsula area with lots of entertainment and mostly and very expensive apartments and houses, inlcuding Ambassadors’ residents. Having Royal hotels and international standard night Clubs, Cofee stores and liquor shops, Haile Selassie road has been hosted prostitutes and women in service for a while now. The road gets hotter at night up to the Samakisamaki, Jackies Pub and Club Element, where people with top-class spends.

8. Buguruni Centre

Well, this place has been loved by locals for generations. Having a very busy market at day, and very easily accessed by all residents of Dar es salaam, Buguruni has all kinds of entertainment activities at night. The place is busy 24/7 with bars and night clubs working all night long.

Women are plenty in the big bars and pubs that are so popular that everyone in the city knows of them (Kimboka, Malapa, and more). Majority of its population are professional hookers, despite the profession being illegal in the country.

If Tanzania legalizes prostitution and mchepuko business, the place will be the core industry due to its sprawling lodges, hotels, local guesthouses and quickie rooms.

9. Kaumba Street, Morogoro

The area has been a centre for prostitutes to do their pleasure business. Since 90’s to date, women and households who rent rooms per hour. The place is so popular among University and college students, earning the nickname “Faculty” due to the many college girls and boys in service. It is located at the town centre, just behind the Bus service offices.

10. Mafiati, Mbeya

This region is famed for installing Tanzania’s first-ever traffic lights, and yes for sure, the lights enlighted women to sell their bodies for as cheap as 5,000/= Tshs. per ejaculation. The place looks cool at night, without any bar lodge nearby, just traffic lights. However, providers meet clients and then move along to their own houses for service just across the street.

Internet-based prostitutes

Based on the emergence of Instagram and WhatsApp, it has been easier to hookup and book affordable Tanzanian escorts online. Photoshoots and parties are also making things easier, fancier, and hotter since it is illegal to conduct sex business publicly.

International dating apps like Tinder and Tantan have the majority of slay queens and bitches to make love to, mostly university students and locals pretending to be college students. Their charges range from 20k – 50k where after few likes and dm conversations, things shift to WhatsApp for venue and appointment schedules.

Classic slay queens and dream girls to fuck charge from 100k per night while others fly out to meet clients. These are the kind of girls who have invested heavily in erotic and nude photos, expensive makeup, and apartments where they make bongo porn movies. They only attend to international clients and party bookings that are arranged via Instagram DMs, emails, and escort websites. (Some are popular for taking flights to Dubai, and nearby countries to entertain wealthy and rich men).


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