Where to get escorts in Ethiopia

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Sex in Ethiopia 

Commercial sex workers’ history is tied to the history of Ethiopia. Some sources associate the beginnings of commercial sex with the movement of kings, nobles, and warlords, the establishment of cities, and the development of trading (Andargachew 1988).

Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, has a number of red-light districts which attract locals and foreigners alike. Ethiopians migrate from rural areas to the city in search of better lives including working as sex workers.

According to a study undertaken by Family Health International (FHI) in collaboration with the Addis Ababa City Administration Health Bureau (AACAHB), most sex workers in the country engage in commercial sex for economic reasons. Commercial sex work is not a legally recognized ‚Äėprofession‚Äô in Ethiopia. However, most of the establishments where the sex workers operate (hotels, bars/restaurants, nightclubs, etc.) operate legally with working licenses.¬†

That said if you find yourself in Ethiopia and want some sex where can you find escorts?

Tella bet/houses

A house where local beer (tella) is served. Some but not all tella sellers double up as waitresses during the day and sex workers at night. Women working in tella bets are generally older than those working in other establishments; Most but not all are usually married, widowed, or divorced. 

Zig chilot

These are the living quarters of sex workers who sell sex undercover. Most of these houses are not advertised openly therefore you will need the help of a friend or pimp to exactly know where it is located.

Araki bet/house 

This is a house where local alcohol (araki) is sold in Ethiopia. Some but not all araki sellers also sell sex. You will meet single women here (most of whom are younger than the tella sellers) selling sex. Clients of araki sellers are usually young males and middle-aged low-income men. 


There are many establishments in Addis Ababa where escorts are housed and then clients visit them to have sex.

Hotel-based escorts

A number of escorts in Ethiopia are based in Hotels or near one where they target rich clients and offer sex for money.

Bars and clubs

Night clubs are another option to get easy sex in Ethiopia. Different bars across the country attract different customer bases and escorts position themselves in different bars according to whom they wish to 

Red-light houses 

As the name suggests, these are houses located in Addis Ababa red-light districts. A number of red lighthouses are found n the following areas of Addis Ababa: Merkato/Sebategna, American Gibi, China Sefer, Gojjam Berenda, Awtobus Terra, Talian Sefer, Gedam Sefer, Arat Kilo, Piassa/Doromanekia, Shola Gebeya, and Atana Tera.

Street escorts

It is not uncommon to see escorts in the streets of Addis Ababa. Streets around the Habte Giorgis and Merkato areas are especially popular with escorts.

Internet-based escorts

A large number of escorts in Ethiopia ply their trade online(Check out who’s online now). Online platforms such as Tinder and social media pages feature escorts from Ethiopia. Escorts websites such as Exotic Africa feature a wide variety of escorts in Ethiopia.

Disclaimer: Article was written before Exotic Escorts Africa ventured into Ethiopia- the Habesha babes haven. If you have more information on popular red-light districts, kindly inform us through our social media( Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, Instagram, Telegram, Whatsapp)


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