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When Do Black Friday 2023 Deals Start and When Do They Stop?

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Exotic Africa Escorts Black Friday Deals! Don’t Miss Out on Double the Pleasure for Half the Price

It’s November, and once again, end of year. Black Friday is a popular annual shopping event, known for significant discounts and deals offered by retailers and e-commerce stores. This year, Exotic Africa Escorts will get a discounted limited period rate during the last week of November.

When is the Date for Black Friday Deals?

Black Friday falls on the day after Thanksgiving, which is the fourth Friday of November (24th). It is followed by “Cyber Monday,” which is the Monday immediately after Black Friday and focuses on online deals. Exotic Africa Escorts are always available online, with rates indicated on individual profiles.

The History of Black Friday

The United States is credited with inventing the phrase “Black Friday”. In the past, it was used to characterize the dense traffic of cars and pedestrians that happened the day following Thanksgiving as shoppers went to retailers. It evolved into a day when online retailers offered exclusive deals to launch the holiday shopping season over time.

Although Black Friday originated in the United States, it has spread throughout the world as many nations have embraced the idea of providing sales and discounts on this day.

How Do I get Black Friday Offers with Exotic Africa?

This year, Exotic Africa Escorts will be giving offers to their clients (Exotic Escorts) on advertising rates. The escorts will have to meet the following criteria to get the Black Friday tags and a discount off their profile registration fee (contact platform admin for more details);

  • Must pay for a full month to get an extra week free (December Exclusive Marketing Guaranteed)
  • Must be active on WhatsApp (for ease of communication)
  • Must have more than one image on the profile (additional video is preferred)

Well, here’s the catch. If you are looking for an escort to offer Black Friday Offers and save you some cash, then you will have to go through multiple profiles and identify the ones with this tag on the image. (BLACK FRIDAY)

On 14th to 24th November, the logo will be placed on different images inside Exotic Escort profiles and to get discounted rates, you will have to find one of these random profiles across our multiple African websites. Good luck!

Note: Only escorts with the ‘Black Friday’ logo in their profiles will offer discounted rates as indicated in their profiles. 

(Only between Tuesday 14th November and Friday 24th November)  

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