Jamaican Sex Video: Martha Brae Special River Raft Plastic Bag Video 

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An explicit video recorded on a Jamaican river raft has resurfaced on social media a year after it was filmed. In the video a female tourist asks her male tour guide to wear a plastic bag thus it has become known as the “Martha Brae Special.” 
The incident took place in Jamaica but the video has travelled across the globe and internet users are expressing disgust over what they saw on social media. It’s unclear whether other guests remained on the float when the bizarre incident took place. The identity of the duo involved also remains unknown.
Considering the range of reactions to the video that have made it a trend online, it is evident that the clip has amassed multi-million views on Twitter. Several social media users took to the platform to express their disgust.
The Jamaican Observer, River Raft Limited dissociated themselves from the video saying,
“Rafting on the Martha Brae prides itself on providing nothing but excellent service to the many clients we host daily. Our complement of our 90 licensed raft captains are highly professional and take immense pride in their work.”

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