why kikuyu women are horrible in bed

Kenya: Top Reasons Why Kikuyu Women Are Lazy And Horrible In Bed

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Soggy Pussies And Other Reasons Why Kikuyu Women Are Horrible in Bed

Women from the mountain side as they are popularly known are known for their undying love for money. Apart from their love for money, these women can be easily picked out from a crowd because of their flat and pancake-like asses which resemble laptops. Many men complain that these women don’t put any effort to spice up bedroom matters.
a beautiful kikuyu woman
a beautiful kikuyu woman
These women just lay in bed like salamanders expecting you to work your way to giving them orgasms if you must. In fact, they can sleep off during sex sessions but before they do, they remind you to cover them up once you are done pumping in them. Sex, to them, is not a priority!
If you have been salivating over other women, I’d advise you to carry your sperm with you and get off with them but bring your money to these beauties because it’s not a guarantee that you can get off with them. Here are the top reasons why Kikuyu women are horrible in bed :

Too Much On Their Plates!

These women have so much to think about even when you are drilling them. It could be about boiling Kamande and peeling potatoes for supper, contributing pesa ya chama, or even about the parcel of land you promised to buy her. To quell their thoughts dear men, just load her account with tons of cash and buy sacks of potatoes and Kamande for her, thereafter. you can enjoy smashing her pussy like crazy!

Their Crazy Diets

Cabage and carrots make their pussies soggy
Cabbage and carrots make their pussies soggy
Kikuyu women are known for their crazy diets. They are fond of eating cabbage and carrots which in turn could make their pussies extra soggy.  Discourage your Kikuyu woman from eating too much cabbage and carrots because the two will make her pussy extra wet and I’m sure you don’t want to fuck a soggy pussy, do you?

Sex Is Just For Making Babies

Kikuyu women believe that sex is for procreation and once they get the number of babies they need, dear men, they erase you from the picture and you remain non-existent in their life. Therefore, she won’t give you sex to make you feel like a man but rather have the babies she needs.

They Listen To Their Mothers’ Advice

Kikuyu women listen to their mother's advice
Kikuyu women listen to their mother’s advice
Kikuyu women listen to what their mothers tell them about marriage and procreation. Their mothers keep pressurising them to take dowry home, therefore they are always thinking of taking dowry to their parents when you are making love to them. Sometimes they won’t give it all to you because they have to retain their pussies for the highest bidder! If you want to enjoy sex sessions with a Kikuyu woman you just need to pay her dowry ASAP so that she can serve you hot sex.
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