Tantalise your taste buds with Ice layers cocktail

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Welcome to the world of cocktails.

Cocktails is one of the best ways to drink alcoholic drinks. With a great bartender armed with the right skills a hot and bland drink that would otherwise choke you can instantly be transformed into a bitter-sweet colorful drink that will leave you feeling you have a party in your mouth.

You can do all sorts of things to dress up a cocktail, but few can beat the impressive look of one with layered ingredients. These stunning drinks are colorful, vibrant and can impress anyone.

Evans Otieno, a bartender in Nairobi. (courtesy)

Erotic Africa had a chat with Evans Otieno, an award-winning bartender and mixologist based in Nairobi. He is a pro at making cocktails and was kind enough to share the recipe of clynelish distilleries inspired Ice layers cocktail.

This intoxicating and irresistible cocktail will tantalize your taste buds to no ends.


45m Johnnie Walker song of ice,25ml chocolate mint guava homemade cordial, 2 dashes Angostura bitters.




Ice layers has been inspired by clynelish distilleries that experience cold winters and iced landscapes which give a crispy and clean whiskies.

How to enjoy it

This cocktail is an anytime drink but it is best served during evenings with your Stark and as a digestive after a meal. It is recommended as an aperitif and digestive


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