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3 Reasons Why South Sudanese Women Are a NO-Go Zone

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Why South Sudan Girls Are a No-Go Zone

South Sudanese women stand out from other women because of their unprecedented height (about 1.8m) and their popping melanin. They have unique facial features, a greater facial height with a narrow mouth, and a smaller eye width. They also have beautiful melon-loaded skin, defined curves, and a golden personality.
They have been ranked the most beautiful women in Africa hence attracting many advertisers. Anok Yai, a model from South Sudan was ranked as the most beautiful and expensive model on earth. South Sudanese women are also warm and welcoming even in their interactions with different people.
Sudanese woman
Sudanese woman
Despite the fact that these women are beautiful and have fantastic personalities, these women are still feared. Here are reasons why South Sudan girls are a no go zone:

Controlling Sudanese Girls is Not Easy Peasy

These women are tough and assertive and not easy to order around, so don’t assume that controlling them is an easy feat. A good example is Nyakim Gatwech a South Sudanese model who was asked to bleach her skin for her to have a fulfilling modeling career.
An uber driver who was driving her to work asked her if she would bleach her skin for ten thousand dollars. The model stood her ground stating that she would not bleach her skin for any amount of money stating that ” beautiful melanin…is a blessing.”

They Will Milk Your Pockets Dry

South Sudanese women are high worth and their bride price increases with their height. Nyalong Ngong, who hails from South Sudan and is Africa’s most expensive girl was married in a competitive marriage of six rich suitors. Her dowry constituted 500 cows, $10,000, and three V8s.

They Don’t do Sissies!

Beautiful Sudanese women
Beautiful Sudanese women
You got to be tough if you want a South Sudan woman by your side. These women are the backbone of their families and they shape their families themselves.
Culturally, these women are home builders. They have gone through decades of war but their resilient nature has held their families strong over the years. They always bounce back even after faxing hardships.
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