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Clitoral Stimulation: 8 Perfect Tips For Mind-Blowing Clitoral Orgasms

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8 Ways To Stimulate Her Clitoris and Give Her Orgasms

The clitoris contains a network of tissue and nerves it is the most highly sensitive region. The erectile tissue is filled with blood and increases in size when stimulated. This area will give you mind-blowing orgasms if it is well-stimulated. Here are perfect tips for clitoral stimulation that will make her scream with pleasure:

Hands-on play 

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to clitoral stimulation. Tag your lube along and try tapping the clitoris or rubbing it in different sides or circles till you get that spot that stimulates her really well.¬†

Side to side 

Using one or two fingers make a side-to-side motion over the clitoris. Depending on her sensitivity and preference, you can use either a slow speed or a faster speed. Start with a slow speed as you gradually increase it to increase the excitement and arousal. 

Up and down 


Place a finger on the clitoral hood and move it in a downward motion before taking it back to the clitoral hood. Repeat this motion as you wait for the clitoris to be aroused as it may take some time. You can kick this motion a notch by placing two or three fingers on the clitoral bulb.

To further stimulate both her vulva and clitoris you can steady the up and -down motion on the left and right side of the clitoris while keeping a finger on the clitoral bulb. 

If her clitoral head is super sensitive you can try playing around the head of the clitoris to nix off some sensitivity. If her clitoris is deeply embedded in her body, intensive clitoral stimulation will be a good move to give her long-lasting orgasms.

Oral play 

Oral is always an option for most partners seeking oral pleasure. One way to give her oral pleasure is to lick upwards with your wide tongue. Note that sticking out your pointy finger directly on her clitoris can make it over-sensitive.

Toy play

scented sex toy
scented sex toy


Adding toys to the picture can make clitoral stimulation more enjoyable since you don’t necessarily require a partner to give you earth-shattering orgasms. Suction toys are the most obvious toys for clitoral stimulation. Some toys look like short tubes which fit around the clitoral head and they offer a direct route to orgasms.

These toys can offer the best stimulation as they alternate between different patterns and you can’t predict what kind of stimulation you will receive next. Other toys have the feel of fingers and can mimic the feel of cupping your clit and vulva with a range of sensations.¬†


This is a wonderful way to practice edging as well as heighten the excitement. You can try your hand with pulsating techniques by placing three or four fingers on the clitoris and starting with a gentle tap motion.

You can play with pressure as you increase it to give it that pulsating sensation with varying levels of pressure and speed until you get that ideal level of stimulation.

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