Man Who Leaked Martha Kay’s Nudes Promises To Leak Singer Shakira Shakirah’s Nudes 

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 Singer Shakira Shakira is in tears after she received threats that her juicy nude videos and photos will be released soon on social media. Shakira revealed that these threats came after she lost her phone and those who stole it promised to expose her. In a twist of events, the Ugandan singer vowed to drag Herbert Arinaitwe who is in possession of her nudes and threatened to leak them on social media. She opened a case file SD Ref: 06/17/10/2023 at Nateete Division Police Station where she accused Herbert of theft.
The Lokomoti singer made claims that Herbert stole her phone and threatened to release her nude photos and videos if she failed to raise all the money he wanted. A teary Shakiraa spoke to the press revealing that she feared her nudity would be exposed to the public. The curvy singer asserted that her phone was taken by a man who approached her manager with a business plan but asked her to perform at a political event but declined to do so.
Shakira revealed that after she forgot her phone with Herbert, he has been soliciting for huge amount of money from her. The Ugandan singer said that Herbert Arinaitwe is the person who also released Martha Kay’s nudes and has been using the same trick to solicit money from other socialites.
She warned her followers to beware of the man’s tactics so as not to fall victim to the same as he continues hunting him down.

Shakiraa Shakiraa Narrates How The Phone Changed Hands

It’s true there are people in possession of my phone and they have refused to give it back. That phone has so many secrets in it including videos and so many other things that might not be good for public consumption. There are things that may affect other people if they leak so I am here to apologise to the public to tell them that in case those things are leaked, it is not my intention. The person with my phone has threatened to release them and he is asking for too much money.

It is money that I don’t have and even if I had it, I have no assurance that he will not release them. He has already started by leaking some photos but those are even nothing compared to what more is in that phone. This person first contacted my manager saying he had business requesting me to go and sing for Muhoozi Kainerugaba but my manager told him that according to the contract we have, I cannot perform for any political party. He even offered more money.

He insisted and continued to contact my manager and asked to meet me and when we met, he was talking about business which was very unclear. I left my phone with him and he even took responsibility and called to tell me I had left my phone with him because I often move with three phones. I asked where I could meet him but he was busy and the day ended like that. The next he asked that we meet at Pope Paul Memorial VI Memorial Hotel so I went with my assistant since I had sensed something was not right. He had already changed my WhatsApp DP so I called in the US and the phone was blocked.


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