Burundi arrests people in anti-gay allegations

Twenty-Four People in Gitega Burundi Arrested Over Gay Allegations

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Burundi:Crackdown on HomoSexual Practices Leads to Arrest Of Twenty Four People

Twenty-four people in Gitega, Burundi were arrested on February 23 as part of a security crackdown on “homosexual practices”.According to an activist who sought anonymity, the arrests took place when members of a nonprofit organization, MUCO Burundi were attending a seminar. Speaking to AFP, the activist said,
“They are accused of homosexual practices and of inciting homosexual practices among adolescent boys and girls to whom they give money”,
The activist termed the claims as absurd and baseless adding that there isn’t a shred of evidence for the accusations.
A judicial source told AFP that the 24 were arrested for being suspected of engaging in homosexual practices and the incitement of the same.
Venant Manirambona, governor of Gitega province confirmed the arrest of the twenty-four but did not clarify further about the arrest.
Burundi has criminalized same-sex acts since 2009. Homosexual practices can attract a sentence of up to 2 years.
On Wednesday, Burundian President Evariste Ndayishimiye asked all citizens to shun homosexuality in the country. He said,
” I ask all Burundians to curse those who indulge in homosexuality because God cannot bear it, they must be banished, treated as pariahs in our country…”
Twenty-Four People in Gitega Burundi Arrested Over Gay Allegations 1 848

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