old man, uganda dies after sex

Old Man in Eastern Uganda Dies After Overfucking

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Too Old to Give a Fuck: Old Man Dies After Over Fucking

An old man has died in eastern Uganda town of Busia after over fucking two women in the same night.

Uganda police spokesman Fred Enanga told the members of the press during a media conference at police headquarters in Kampala that the deceased has been identified as Muhammad Mukungu Salongo. ,

He said that according to information so far gathered by police, 55 yr old Mukungu Salongo a taxi driver and resident of booked a room at Mweigwa guest house in Busia town.He then called his girl friend.

But before she came he went to a nearby pharmacy and bought some sex enhancing sex drugs and swallowed them.

When the girlfriend came to his room, he reportedly fucked her from 8.00 PM up to 11.00 PM.

He escorted her after the marathon fuck. But as he was going back to his room, He met another woman on the way and befriended her. She accepted to go and sleep with him.

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Police said that the second woman claimed that Salongo started fucking her aggressively a few minutes after midnight and continued for almost two hours non stop.

When he stopped, he died a few minutes after. The woman reported to the lodge management which also reported the incident to police.

Enanga has warned men in Uganda against using such drugs without first seeking medical advice.

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