Vera Sidika big booty

( BARE ASS PHOTOS) Interesting Facts About Vera Sidika’s Big Booty

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Did You Know That Vera Sidika Dislikes Her Booty?

Vera Sidika big booty
Vera Sidika big booty

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika is arguably one of the celebrities with the biggest booty in Kenya. The Instagrammer does not shy away from flaunting her big butt to Netizens. Here are interesting facts you need to know about Sidika’s big ass:

Vera Sidika Dislikes Her Big Booty

Vera Sidika shared on social media that she has always had a big ass before she came to the city. Her big buttocks always made her feel shy but on coming to the city, they became a source of admiration for most people.

Vera Sidika flaunting her big booty
Vera Sidika flaunting her big booty

Yes, I have always had a big booty and was always shy about it until I came to Nairobi and everyone made me feel like it was so precious. Thing is, I added a lot of weight coz of contraceptives so the Nyas added weight too. My high school mates will tell you my nickname wa Wezere,”

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Her Big Booty is Natural

Vera Sidika has reiterated time and again that her nyash is natural. This has been met with a lot of backlash from social media users. Inquisitive netizens always flood her inbox asking her to share the secret behind her big buttocks.

Contraceptives Contributed To Her Weight Gain

vera sidika big booty
vera sidika big booty

Using contraceptives contributed to Vera’s big booty. She revealed her journey using contraceptives contributed to her carrying a big ass. On her Instagram page, she wrote, “10 years ago I was in a serious relationship so I did birth control for the first time. I looked for a clinic and found one nearby. They said they do 3 months of injections. I got it done, they injected it into my butt btw. So when it expired I kept renewing then I realized I was adding weight.”

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She Did Not Undergo Surgery To Remove Her Big Butt

Vera Sidika big round booty
Vera Sidika big round booty

Late last year Vera Sidika shared a photo of herself dressed in a purple and white leotard looking shapeless and with a flat behind. On her social media pages, she announced that she underwent surgery to reduce the big size of her booty. It later came to the realisation to most social media users that she was just chasing clout.

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