Muzungu tourist gets excited after learning kachabali

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Muzungu Tourists Gets Excited After Learning to Play Kachabali

A tourist who has been taught how to play sex using kachabali style has got so excited that he tells whoever he knows that he has learnt to play it.

Thomas Coleman, 30, a tourist from UK has been in Uganda for over a month moving from one tourism sight to another in the different parts of the country.

With his two colleagues they have they have been fucking sex workers in the towns where they spent nights.

But while traveling to Queen Elizabeth national game park, Coleman and his friends spent a night in Masaka town.

In Masaka he met a sex worker called Diana Amooti who spent a night with him.He said that he enjoyed playing sex with her so much because she used a unique sex style which made her squirt so hard.

They moved on to the game park where they spent two days and they returned to Masaka on their way to Kampala.In Masaka, Coleman spent another night with Amooti in a lodge.

He decided to go with her to Kampala where he spent with her two nights in a hotel while learning how to play kachabali.

Now he knows how to play kachabali and he is not ashamed of telling whoever he knows that he has learnt how to play kachabali.He has said he is going to use it on his UK girlfriends.

At Kabalagala trading center in the outskirts of Kampala where he is staying, two sex workers have tetisfied that he has fucked them using kachabali style and he does it well.

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