Mohbad’s Wife Accused Of Having An Affair With Late Husband’s Manager

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Mohbad’s father Mr Joseph Aloba has accused the singer’s wife of sleeping with an artist signed to Marlian Music. Mister Aloba made the allegations when he appeared before a court in Lagos. He asserted that his late son informed him that the wife had put sleeping pills in his noodles to sleep with the signee in the same house further asserting that he doesn’t trust his wife.
“I don’t trust his wife. My son told me she always put sleeping pills in his noodles and went to another room to sleep with another signed in the same house, ” he revealed. The Cable reported that Joseph revealed that he and Mohbad lived for 18 years together before he left home to pursue his career and commenced working with Naira Marley. Joseph also narrated to the court that he saw Mohbad three days before he passed, further asserting that he saw his son’s casket only in a photo.
He narrated,

“I don’t trust Wunmi one bit. He told me that all the documents of his landed property were in the possession of Wunmi’s mother till today. He came to visit me three days after his death. I didn’t know about his neck that was bent in the casket because I was not at the burial. It was later I saw the pictures. Mohbad and I lived together for 18 good years. He has never fallen sick. I only took him to a chemist when he was 16 to treat rashes.

“…he left the house at the age of consent and began to assist Naira Marley while embarking on his career in music. When he started making it, he talked to me about reconciling with his mum which I did. He was happy and he bought me a car for this. When issues happened between him and Naira, he told me he would handle it”.


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