Thabang and Khosi

BB Titans: (VIDEO)Thabang Mazibuko and Khosi Twala Share First Wet Kiss

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Thabang Mazibuko and Khosi Twala’s First Wet Kiss Causes A Stir Online

Khosi and Thabang together
Khosi and Thabang together
South African pair, Khosi Twala, and Thabang Mazibuko are getting closer to each other every day. Recently, the duo was seen kissing and since then the video has gone viral sparking a million conversations on the internet.


Khosi has jumped into the arms of her love interest, Thabang less than a fortnight after her original lover, Yemi Cregx shoved away. Khosi and Thabang have been close to each other even when they shared a house with Yemi Cregx.
Since Yemi’s eviction, the duo has become close and cannot resist sharing intimate and romantic moments together.

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