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Linda Ikeji’s Billionaire Baby Daddy Set To Marry Nancy Isime

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Nancy Isime Rumoured To Be Dating Linda Ikeji’s Dead Beat Baby Daddy

Nigerian actress Nancy Isime is reportedly engaged to Linda Ikeji’s Baby daddy, Jeremy Sholaye. Blogger Jules Cutie revealed to social media users that Nancy and Jeremy have been in a relationship for several years. Cutie Jules told her fans that Jeremy’s house went to Nancy’s house for introductions and to ask for her hand in marriage.
Nancy Isime, Linda Ikije and baby daddy
Nancy Isime, Linda Ikije and baby daddy
She said, “Omo, online in-laws… where are you ooo. We came late oo. Jeremi and Nancy have done an introduction o. Omo, E be like online in-laws we need to choose our Asoebi“Cuz we all judged Jeremi based on Linda’s one-sided which clearly Linda was at fault too. But we never had the opportunity to see what kind of man Jeremi truly is in terms of measuring his husband’s material attributes. So after dating Nancy for this long, if he proposes then we can agree he and Linda we’re just fcuk buddies Linda fell pregnant cuz they didn’t use protection and Linda expected Jeremi to marry her based on her big rich girl status. But maybe Jeremi didn’t see Linda as his soul mate. Life isn’t that hard you know for most of these overly exposed gentlemen. So we wish Nancy all the best. Na her own we fit use measure Jeremi’s niceness or fcuk up sh!t. And let the Awww group say a big AMEN.”
Linda Ikeji met Jeremy on 25th December 2015 at a restaurant in Lagos shortly after she moved into her Banana Island mansion. They sired a baby together in 2018 and Linda took to social media to announce the news, “Oh dear Lord, I am a mum, Baby J is here. He was born today 17th September. This is so surreal,”.
In the post, she revealed that she was estranged from her baby daddy, a well-established businessman who is involved in the oil and gas business.

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