Kenya’s Only Lesbian Pastor Who Defends LGBTQ Community

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Meet Kenya’s Only Lesbian Pastor, Jacinta Nzilani

A Nairobi-based preacher Jacinta Nzilani came out to defend her journey of sexual transformation to being a lesbian. She said that she had been married for more than 25 years but when her husband died she was mistreated by her in-laws. Jacinta thereafter resorted to living with women as a lesbian. According to Jacinta, being married to a man, made her realize that she loved being with a woman. she realized that she longed for the touch, love, care and hospitality of a woman.

She said, “I am a lesbian. I am a widow and a woman who stayed with her husband for more than 25 years and then he died and I was treated badly by my in-laws and that is how I decided to live with other women as lesbians,”

In a past television interview, the evangelist defended the LGBTQ community against Bible verses that support the community. She said that the LGBTQ community shouldn’t be blocked or criminalized because they are children of God.

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“The way they [LGBTQ people] relate—the way they associate and express themselves—should not be agenda for others to block them, criminalise them and let them be cocooned somewhere. They are people of God, children of God, and God has given us all things in equity. If it is life, it is equal to everybody. If it is salvation, he gave it to us all.”

Nzilani also said she waited for her mother to pass away before coming out, as she didn’t want to “embarrass” her. She also hailed her daughter for supporting her adding that they prayed together when they were faced with difficulties and hardships together. She said, “I thank God for my daughter who I love so much… She was like: ‘I’m behind you mum, because I love you. She knows how we pass through difficulties and hardship together, and she told me she would pray together with me.”

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