Funny Face and Ex-Wife's Whatsapp Chat Leaks Online 1

Funny Face and Ex-Wife’s Whatsapp Chat Leaks Online

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Ghanaian comedian Funny Face is embroiled in a custody dispute with Vanessa Nicole, his ex-partner over access to his children. The situation was magnified following the leak of a WhatsApp conversation which disclosed the comedian’s attempts to communicate with his daughters and the financial support he provides despite his struggles.

The leaked conversation shows Funny Face communicating with Vanessa Nicole showing his desire to be part of his daughters’ lives. He relayed his efforts to provide a monthly payment despite lacking a stable source of income.

In the conversation, Funny Face tried to reach out to Vanessa and expressed his dismay and longing to be involved in his daughters’ lives. He lamented the difficulty in having contact, writing:

“Ama, I have called you 8 times… some you keep cutting and hanging up the call. Ama, please, what at all do you want from me? I have done everything in my power for you to know how I will die and give everything I have for my beloved daughters… Aoh Ama, please, why do you keep tormenting me like this…at least you and I know…

I am not rich like I used to be…but Ama, you can testify that after my car accident involving children, it has made me put a lot of things into perspective. All I beg of you is to be in the life of my daughters… as I came back from… bounce back please, don’t send me back to #PSYCHIATRIC…”

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Despite going through numerous personal problems, including a stint in prison and mental health struggles, Funny Face has committed to sending monthly upkeep for his children. He also highlighted his financial difficulties and how he’ll be able to provide this support:

“You know I am down and out…yet ever since I came back from prison…on the 12th of every month… I manage to send you GH¢1,100 every month to support in taking care of the children. Have you per chance, in a day, sat down and asked yourself…Yaw Boateng is not working…so how does he get the GH¢1,100 every month since he came back from prison…”

Funny Face’s heartfelt plea requested to hear his daughters’ voices on their fifth birthday but his efforts were met with rejection as she continued to block and hang up his calls:

“Ama, all I ask is to let me talk and be in the life of my beautiful daughters…they are innocent of our quarrels…please, Ama, I beg you. I am on my knees…please let me see my daughters on a video call…and stop cutting the line on me. This 21st May… I mean, this Wednesday was #ELLAandBELLA’s 5th birthday… I called you to talk to the children…that one too, you kept blocking and hanging up the call…”

Funny Face’s fans and followers expressed their sympathy for the comedian urging for a resolution that focuses on the well-being and happiness of the children involved.

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