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From ‘We’ to ‘Me’: Njeri wa Muigai Njoroge’s Bold Post-Marriage Confession

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I am no longer married- Njeri wa Muigai Njoroge

Influencer coach Njeri wa Muigai has dropped a bombshell about her marriage. In a recent interview with Kamene FM on January 25th 2023, the controversial gospel musician revealed that she split with her husband after their marriage failed .
Speaking to Kamene FM’s radio presenter BabyTop, Njeri said, “Tulishindwa! Ati am I married? Not any more? Not any more. We tried, I don’t blame anyone, and that is the saddest thing. It never worked anger became the danger.Everything happening to me is divine. It happens for a reason. Whatever happened, I believe it was divine.”
Njeri wa Muigai got married to Veteran Kikuyu Musician Muigai wa Njoroge in 2000 but her husband married a second wife nine years into their marriage.
In a recent interview , Njeri  narrated that she drowned into alcoholism on realization that her husband married a second wife.
She shared, “When I found out that he had married another woman I went crazy. I went so crazy and so mad. he was not able to handle my anger he left me and the kids in Mwihoko and went to live with that woman.Now people want me to behave the right way, but they don’t know I already reacted to this matter.I was always in the pub in the morning It was very painful. I went through hell and people did not know what I was going through.”
Muigai wa Njoroge married his second wife Queen Stacey officially in a joyous wedding ceremony in Ndeiya, Kiambu County in August 27, 2023.
Njeri’s absence during her co-wife’s traditional wedding ceremony raised brows among her fans and followers. She addressed misconceptions that she didn’t attend the function because of jealousy and resentment to her co-wife.
Njeri shared that Stacey and her husband had been married to each other for twelve years prior to their traditional wedding ceremony adding that any emotions that arose in the past have already faded away. She asserted that she no longer holds any I’ll feelings towards Stacey. Njeri also highlighted the need to avoid situations and people that bring negativity to one’s life.
From 'We' to 'Me': Njeri wa Muigai Njoroge's Bold Post-Marriage Confession 1 401

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