Common Secrets Men Keep From Their Lovers 1

Common Secrets Men Keep From Their Lovers

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Men aren’t good at expressing themselves just like women so they have a tendency to keep quiet especially when it comes to sensitive matters. Those secrets can cause relationship problems. Here are some things that your partner is hiding from you and how to handle it best:

How They Feel About Your Body

Body image can be a touchy subject to discuss. People gain and lose weight for multiple reasons. In the era of social media, it can be discouraging for most girls.
Men know this and most times they just don’t want to hurt your feelings, therefore, they choose to keep thoughts about what they feel about your body to themselves. If your physicality has changed from when they started seeing you, you may want to discuss it with them.
Or probably you don’t have to discuss it with him. Keep in mind that despite how your boyfriend may feel about you, you come first. Love yourself and concentrate on being the best version of yourself for you.

They Were Cheated on in Their Previous Relationship

Men hardly share their past relationship experiences with their ex-partners. Admitting that their ex-girlfriends cheated on them or broke up with them would mean admitting that they lacked control in their relationship. Therefore they’d rather keep that information to themselves.

They’re Attracted to Your Friend or Relative

Common Secrets Men Keep From Their Lovers 2

As shady as it may sound, some men shared that they have been attracted to their partner’s friend or sibling but chosen to keep the information to themselves. We are not sharing this information with you to go and question your cousin or bestie about it.

Their Sexual Fantasies and Fetishes

Maybe your partner loves the shape of your feet or he’s dying to test what new sex toy you purchased. Whatever the case may be, he could just be holding on to raunchy sexual fantasies or escapades that he wants to try on you.
Communication is a key factor in a relationship. It’s advisable to talk to your man about what he prefers and what you love doing to you between the sheets. You may never know as it may bring your sexual lives into a whole new stratosphere.

How Their Friends View You

In as much as what matters most is what your partner thinks of you, it’s a normal thing to desire approval from his family and friends. Therefore if that approval is not there, he may hesitate to share such information with you because it may feel uncomfortable to hang around his best friend knowing well that they are not fond of you. For this reason, a number of men may not tell their partners how their family or friends feel about them.
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