Two KNUST Students in Police Custody Over Sextortion 1

Two KNUST Students in Police Custody Over Sextortion

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Three young men including a Junior High School graduate and two students from Kwame Nkrumah University have been arrested after extorting a former student from Kwame Nkrumah University through sexual blackmail.
The charges placed against the trio include conspiracy to commit a crime; sexual extortion that’s contrary to section 23(1) of the Criminal Offences Act. The trio also faces charges under Section 66 of the Cyber Security Act.
According to reports, Ebenezer Adam and Jerome Enyam allegedly collaborated to extort money from their victim. The victim who is a twenty year old former KNUST student happens to be a son of an official in a road construction firm located in the Western Region. The prosecutor, Inspector Kaylin Yawson explained to the court that the victim recorded an intimate video with his girlfriend.
The private video was then shared on Ekow Wilson’s phone without any consent. On acquiring the video through an airdrop, Jerome Enyam shared it with the other accused.
Two KNUST Students in Police Custody Over Sextortion 2
Jerome and Ebenezer allegedly blackmailed the victim and demanded an amount of GHc 1,800 to prevent the release of the video online. Last year the trio reportedly sent an anonymous text to demand a cash amount of GHç 2,500 to claim ownership of the private video.
During the court hearing this year, Inspector Yawson shared details on how a phone that contained the private video was seized from the accused.
The three suspects remain in police custody following the adjournment of the court case that will happen on June 17, 2024. Her Ladyship Harriet Charway denied the three suspects bail after pleading not guilty.
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