Blueface’s Mom’s Nudes Leak; Rapper and Father Respond 1

Blueface’s Mom’s Nudes Leak; Rapper and Father Respond

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‘Ewww lol. Old lady Booty cheeks,’ – Blueface’s Mom Nude Leaks

Even when the media isn’t focusing on Blueface, Chrisean Rock, or Jaidyn Alexis, there’s always drama somewhere else. This time, it’s about the rapper’s mother, Karlissa Saffold. She posted a very revealing picture of her ass on Instagram, and it quickly spread online. Blueface also saw the picture on his social media.

The rapper expressed his disgust in a tweet, saying, “Ewww lol. Old lady Booty cheeks 🤣🤢.” Karlissa later clarified that the photo was an accident, saying, “I promise I did not moon y’all for clout. Hell my daddy called me about seeing my old rusty a**.” Strangely, Blueface’s mom responded to his tweet, making fun of Jaidyn’s BBL. Now, Karlissa’s husband has caught wind of the photo, and he is understandably upset.



In the video above, a tense exchange unfolds as he confronts his wife about a compromising bathroom photo. He expresses his frustration, saying, “What the f*** is wrong with you?!” and adds, “You said you sent that s*** to me. People are calling me about it… you sent it to a million people!” Throughout most of the audio clip, Karlissa maintains silence.

Critics argue that her claim of it being accidental doesn’t hold up. One commenter encapsulates the sentiment, stating, “She’s only saying it was an accident because it didn’t go as planned. You can’t accidentally post to your IG. Even if you click on the wrong thing from your gallery, you see it before you hit to post it!”




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