Shocking Act of Revenge: Ugandan Men Go to Extreme Measures After Feeling Played

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Scorned Ugandan Men Kill a Woman For Playing Them

The Police have arrested two Ugandan men who met at a woman’s place and started fighting, leading to the death of the woman.

According to the spokesman of Uganda police, Fred Enanga in an interview, the incident took place in Rakai district located 240 kms west of the county’s capital Kampala. It was in the village called Nabugabo.

He added that the arrested men have been identified as Kalekensio Kakooza and Silver Ssuna.

He said that they both had affairs with a woman called Maria Nakaweesi, without any of the two knowing that the other also fucks the woman. The woman had always been smart by giving the two men different days and time to visit her for a fuck.

Unfortunately, she had made an appointment with Ssuna but Kakooza also felt like fucking her and the two men met at the woman’s place. Kakooza found when Ssuna was fucking Nakawesi inside her house.

He broke into the house and a serious fighting ensued .As they fought,Nakaweesi attempted to run away, but they caught her and beat her seriously leaving her in a comma.

After her collapsing they started fighting again until when villagers came and separated them.

Nakawesi was rushed to a nearby hospital where she was admitted but died later on.
Police later arrested the two men.

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