Cracking the Code: Discover the Secret Desires of First-Timer Women in the Bedroom 1

Cracking the Code: Discover the Secret Desires of First-Timer Women in the Bedroom

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What Do First-Timer Women Wish For in Bed? 5 Tips on How to Fuck a Virgin

First-timer women are often told that their first experience with sex will leave them bleeding heavily, it is painful, and that it should only be had with a special someone. They are additionally advised that the first time a penis enters their vagina marks the beginning of their virginity loss. Sure, some women experience pain, others bleed, and some believe they haven’t had sex until a penis has penetrated them. However, for every woman who goes through those things, there are at least as many who never bleed, suffer, or have a penis enter their vagina, but who are nonetheless unquestionably not “virgins.”

For many women, their initial three or four sexual encounters might not be as enjoyable as they are for men. So, for the men, here are some tips to fuck a virgin;

Have a Conversation- Be Patient

Even if she’s wet, some women find the first time painful. To make it easier for her, take your time and approach her gently. Talk about her concerns, especially if she is nervous. Additionally, even if you finish the first round, you still must wait until she gives you permission before moving on to the second round.

Talk about her expectations and look in her eyes the whole time. Connect with her and notice where her attention is. You can grow better at seduction with practice. You might not be an instant pro, much like driving or even walking.

Cracking the Code: Discover the Secret Desires of First-Timer Women in the Bedroom 2

Use Lots of Lube

If you’re using a condom, stay away from lubricant that contains oil. Condoms may develop holes due to oil, rendering them unusable.

To put it another way, substitute a water-based lubricant for the Vaseline. It’s a good idea to have additional lubricant on hand if you are having sex with a first-timer even though women naturally produce lubrication.

This is because she may dry up if penetration becomes difficult. Despite wanting it, she might get dry for a variety of reasons, and lubrication could make things easier for both of you.

Be Gentle

When it comes to penetration, move slowly. The vagina can relax and become a little bit looser by being stroked gently and shallowly with a finger, sex toy, or penis. Start out softly and quicken your pace as you go. She’s still figuring out her preferences, and sex can’t be enjoyed when only one person finds it enjoyable.

A excellent approach to relax, become more aware of your body, and have sex is to engage in foreplay. Foreplay is different for different people but here are a few things you can try;

  • kissing or making out
  • cuddling (naked or clothed)
  • watching or listening to porn together
  • talking about sex
  • dry humping
  • oral sex

Check in as it’s happening

Keep an eye on her behavior during the encounter. Ask her whether everything is well if she shows any signs of pain or discomfort.

It is crucial to put her wellbeing first and make sure she feels secure and taken care of during the experience.

In the midst of your intimate moments, don’t hesitate to check in with your partner. You can ask questions such as:

– Are you finding this enjoyable?
– Is this position comfortable for you?
– Would you prefer if we tried something different?

If you’re experiencing discomfort, don’t be afraid to speak up. You can request a pause, a change in position, or simply communicate your needs:

– I’m not feeling comfortable; let’s take a break.
– This isn’t quite enjoyable for me; can we switch positions?
– Can we try a slower pace?

Remember, open and honest communication is key for a satisfying experience.

Cracking the Code: Discover the Secret Desires of First-Timer Women in the Bedroom 3


Often overlooked, but this determines whether the first experience was good and if there will be a second one. Extend your support as well, not just your dick. After sex, consider offering emotional support and reassurance to your partner. Take the time to have an open conversation with her about her experience, providing a safe space where she can share her thoughts and feelings. By doing so, you not only ensure she feels heard but also valued, fostering a deeper connection and understanding in your dating relationship or situationship.


Bottom line

Taking steps to safeguard your health is paramount. One effective measure is the use of a condom or other barrier methods, which not only provide protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) but also offer a layer of security when it comes to potential unplanned pregnancies. Prioritizing safe practices like this can significantly ease your concerns and ensure a more enjoyable and worry-free fucking experience.

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