BedroomTips: What Each Zodiac Sign Is Like In Bed

BedroomTips: What Each Zodiac Sign Is Like In Bed

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Zodiac Signs and Sex


Best Matches: Libra, Leo & Sagittarius

You’re probably the type of person who enjoys being thrown around a bit, because rough and tumble sex helps you let out some of that aggression! Plus, your competitive nature makes you someone who can’t get enough of the chase. The quickest way to turn on an Aries is to tell them they’re the sexiest person you’ve every seen and mean it.


Best Matches: Scorpio, Virgo & Capricorn

In your mind, patience is the name of the game, which is one reason why foreplay is essential for you. You’re always turned on by massages, essential oils, candles, music, and of course, gifts! Your need for luxury permeates your presence between the sheets (which are probably made of Egyptian cotton, btw). 

In fact, taking a shower together would be the perfect way to get a Taurus in the mood.


Best Matches: Sagittarius, Libra & Aquarius

You’re the type of partner who blurts out “I love you” at the moment of climax, even if it’s a meaningless one-night stand. What’s said in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom! Oh, and because you’re ruled by the hands, you’re someone who can give a life-changing hand-job. Just saying.


Best Matches: Capricorn, Scorpio & Pisces

Sex with a Cancer is a downright magical experience. When a Cancer finds a partner that matches their energy, the sex is something out-of-this-world. They have a caring and nurturing vibe that makes you feel completely safe with them, even when you’re completely naked. Secretly, everyone wants to sleep with a Cancer, and it’s probably because they’re famous for having great breasts. Don’t forget to stimulate a Cancer’s erogenous zones!


Best Matches: Aquarius, Sagittarius & Aries

If you’re a Leo, you’re someone who will never settle for less than truly mind-blowing sex. 

After all, you need your partner to leave you feeling hungry for just a *little* bit more. Although you’re famous for your ability to attract attention from lovers at the drop of a hat, there’s something feral and animalistic about the way you are in bed. It’s as if you’re on the hunt for true passion; a wild animal on the prowl! And yet, that wildness doesn’t take away from the fact that you’re also elegant and incredibly refined. You’re someone who’s so confident, you’re not usually afraid of making your feelings known, especially when you’re horny for someone.


Best Matches: Pisces, Taurus & Capricorn

Although you might have a stoic and unassuming vibe, you’re secretly putting out all sorts of subliminal feelers that let the right people know you’re in the mood to be wooed. You’re the classic sub; someone who aims to please. In fact, the mere thought of knowing you’re making your partner come is what makes *you* cum.


Best Matches: Aries, Gemini and Aquarius

Regardless of their sexual orientation, they’re often drawn to “bad boy” types; people with extreme desires that make Libra feel as though they can balance out their energy! Oh, and let’s not forget Libra is ruled by the rear-end, which means they definitely need their butt cheeks squeezed (or even spanked).


Best Matches: Taurus, Pisces & Cancer

While Scorpios are incredibly mysterious and hard-to-crack, they come completely undone in the bedroom, showing their partner every corner of the vast universe that exists within their soul. A Scorpio always has sex like it’s the last time they’ll *ever* have sex, making sure to savor every last drop of passion left. 


Best Matches: Gemini, Aries & Leo

You’re someone who’s open to sex in all its many forms and you might not even know for sure what turns on, because your tastes and desires always evolve with each sexual experience! Because you’re always trying to live your life to the fullest, you love sleeping with people who can show you a whole new world; people with advanced sexual abilities who can teach you something about carnal connection. 


Best Matches: Cancer, Taurus & Virgo

This regal and determined zodiac sign has a very dominant presence in the bedroom. They also value stability and respect from their partner, which is why the full extent of their sexual prowess often arises when they’re with someone they trust. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t love an uninhibited one-night stand in which no names or phone numbers are exchanged! 


Best Matches: Leo, Gemini & Libra

Aquarius is the epitome of work-hard-play-hard, which is a sentiment they bring into the bedroom. And because Aquarius is the zodiac sign associated with platonic love, they’re most likely to be into the idea of a friends-with-benefits type of situation. However, if you’re lucky enough—and rare enough—to snag their full attention, they will literally not be able to get it up for anyone else.


Best Matches: Virgo, Cancer & Scorpio

Your imagination is incredibly vivid and your fantasies are so detailed, they would even make the author of 50 Shades of Grey blush. In fact, you’re the type of person who can develop the ability to come without having sex or touching yourself, because your imagination can literally bring you to climax all on its own! Tantric sex would be right up your alley and come naturally to you, Pisces. 


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