Asantewaa Reacts To Abortion Claims, Allegedly Leaks Ama Official Nudes

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Asantewaa And Brother Allegedly Leak Ama Official’s Nudes

In a recent turn of Tiktok events, Asantewaa has been linked to a Tiktok scandal that influencer Ama Official’s private photos leaked online.
The person behind the accusations took to tiktok claiming that Asantewaa was engaged in numerous abortions when she was a student in nursing training college. It is alleged that this led to her inability to conceive even after being married for seven years.
Asantewaa reacted to the claims by sharing a video of her mimicking the ‘accuser’ alongside funny facial expressions and gestures. The tiktok star claimed that she was unfazed by all the happenings surrounding her.
Celebrity teacher, a Ghanian entertainer, Esther Blessing claimed that Asantewaa should be used as a scapegoat and serve as a lesson to people who leak other people’s nudes.
Reportedly, Asantewaa’s brother, Kay Verli invited Ama Official to Accra pretending to help her become a star like his sister. It is alleged that after having sexual intercourse with Ama, Verli lured her to a guest house and gave her food and fare back to Kumasi.
Ama Official accused Asantewaa of leaking her nude photos on Snapchat when she tried to complain about the mistreatment she faced from Kay Verli. Asantewaa and her brother are facing a challenging moment as social media users criticize them for their involvement in leaking the video.

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