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10 Signs You Are His Backup Plan

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Are You Always the One Initiating Everything? That Could Be a Sign That You Are His Backup Plan

Nim Notty could be naughty but one thing I assure you (all sexy and Exotic women) is that every man needs a woman and if he doesn’t spend on you then you must be his backup plan. In no way am I advocating for women to blatantly extort men but this is just natural for men. We give without being asked to. For fucks sake, we invented romance. Just look at this woman, wouldn’t you just want to be good to her?


Back to the topic, whether we want to admit it or not, we have all had a ‘second choice’ when dating and in some cases, we have been the backup plan. It’s not always easy to know when you have become the backup plan but here are some clear-cut signs that you are his backup plan;

He Doesn’t Spend on You

It is not a must but it shows how much he cares. If your man does not even offer any financial support, it could be that your relationship is young or there is some other place he is channeling his money. In this case, you are his backup plan. To make it worse he gets mad when someone takes you out.

He Suggested a Marriage Pact

Do not let anyone convince you about making these kinds of pacts. If they say that by a certain age, you will get married if both of you will be single.

He is Only About the Body Language

It is true that sex is important to men and sex is important to women. In relationships, it is more important as it creates that physical bond between partners and breaks any negative energy between them.

You Constantly Worry That He Will Disappear If You Confront Him For His Faults

his backup plan
If he threatens to leave even when he is in the wrong then you could just be his backup plan

If your man is the type to dismiss you anytime he is in the wrong, gets mad at you and you get a strong impression that he could leave you whenever he likes. You are right, he will do that, and it is highly likely he has identified his woman.

Keeps Delaying or Doesn’t Want to Commit

He is just buying time as he attempts to bag his ideal woman. If every commitment decision made in your relationship is initiated by you then he could be seeing you as a backup plan. Commitment to you could ‘ruin’ his chances of getting the woman he wants.

Cancels Plans All the Time

This is a clear sign that you are not a priority in his life anymore. If he is a busy man, this could be understandable to some extent, but if all the celebrity couples find time, then he should find some for you too. Someone else must be occupying his free time and you could just be his backup plan.

You Haven’t Met His Family and/or Friends Despite Dating For a Long Time

This will be the case when a man does not want to commit to you long-term. You are going to be his backup plan until he finds someone better to take to his family.

When You Two Started Dating His Attention Was Divided

his backup plan
If you are fighting for his attention then you are his backup plan

If that was the case when you both started dating then chances are that this is not likely to change anytime soon. A man figures out whether to date the woman after the first and second date. If the beginning of your relationship marked you making the most effort to ensure the relationship lasts then you are in big trouble sis. This often indicates that he was turned down and shifted his focus to you.

He Calls All The Shots

A man has got to provide for his family. He must also make very crucial decisions on behalf of his family. If he does not involve you in any of the decision-making in his life, then he doesn’t see you as his ideal woman. You are his backup plan and the kind of shots he wants for you are different.

He Won’t Share Responsibilities or Property

He will not accept to do anything that involves the both of you in the long term. He won’t accept keeping that pet, you want to move in but he refuses. He draws clear boundaries on long-term projects since you are not part of them.

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