Sex & the City: Where To Get Laid and Have Fun In Abidjan

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Welcome To The City of Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Abidjan is a modestly big metropolis located on the Atlantic Coast of Ivory Coast along the ÉbriĂ© Lagoon, in the southern part. It’s the de facto capital, the chief port, and largest Urban center in that country. It has a day time population of about 9 million people and about 7 million people at night.

The city dwellers inhabit ten communes of Abidjan. These communes are Plateau, Cocody, Port-Bouët, Yopougon,Treichville, Koumassi, Marcory, Attécoubé, Abobo, and Adjamé. Of these, Plateau is the most chic while Cocody is the wealthiest.

Road transport, airport, and sea transport networks in Abidjan are fairly developed, with several highways either dissecting it or going around it. Port-Bouët, in Abidjan is a modern deep water port, where most import and export merchandises pass through. Abidjan is served by Félix Houphouët Boigny International Airport. This international airport is directly connected currently to five different airports in Europe and to many destinations within the rest of Africa and the Middle East.

Getting around in Abidjan

Navigating Abidjan is quite easy. The road and water transport is managed by SOTRA. SOTRA buses are equipped with a computer ticketing system. These SOTRA buses operate on a timely schedule. There are also several taxis plying routes between different communes.

The city has several points of attractions such as bridge linking the mainland to Petit-Bassam, museum of traditional Ivoirian art, museum of traditional Ivoirian art, immense Hôtel Ivoire, the Italian-designed St. Paul’s Cathedral, Banco National Park, a magnificent tropical rainforest, among other attractions.

If you are in Abidjan and feel like your fun is incomplete if it doesn’t end with some coital adventure, then you are the target of this article. Abidjan is the largest city of Ivory Coast. It is a bustling metropolis with millions of people running up and down, minding their own businesses. Just like any other cities in Africa, it can be a daunting task finding a genuine hookup if you are a foreigner. 

Meet and fuck in Abidjan

Abidjan has several popular places where people come to meet. There are planned meetings as well as random encounters with strangers. I guess this is what you are interested in, a kind of meet and fuck spree. You must be asking yourself, well how is that even possible? This phenomenon doesn’t need much explanation. Have you ever heard of love at first sight? What is the difference?

I can easily tell that is not your last worry. You are also wondering how one can identify a genuinely horny stranger. Whether you are a woman or man, you have natural instincts which will help you identify signs of a willingness to engage in eroticism. We will skip this part of identifying signs of a horny person. Perhaps the most important aspect is to identify your type, which again lies within your prerogative, so that you don’t end up having a nightmarish experience.

Some of the spots where people either plan to meet or bump into each other, include  the central district ( Plateau), MusĂ©e des Civilisations de CĂ´te d’Ivoire,  the oceanic beaches such as Plage de Lido, among other fascinating locations.

1. Plage de Lido

The ocean beach is one of the most appropriate and convenient places to find a random date. Plage de Lido, which simply translates to “ Beach of Lido” in English, is a white sandy beach that presents such mystical oceanic views. The reason Lido Beach  is easily chosen is because of the relaxed nature of encounters. You want to spot a girl or boy with less attires on their bodies, where your imaginations speed up, provoking you to jump into action as soon as possible and save time. Boys on this beach possess well chiselled bodies while girls have such  a mystical curvature. They throng this place to play beach football, beach volleyball, surf, sunbathe, or to look for random dates. What else can give you a free display of all these features if not the beach? 

Gorgeous Girls of Abidjan

Abidjan girls potent symbols of eroticism. You can have a look at photos of ivorian women in Abidjan to confirm this. Their erotic appeal, is a cocktail of kinky and calm demeanours. You have a whole slate to choose whichever temperament suits your ego. There are those women who still embrace the old belief of what a real African woman’s body should appear (big body) and there are those of who have adopted the western vibe of what a sexy body is. In Ivory Coast, and more particularly Abidjan, there are two names that depict the size of a female body. A big sized woman is referred to as “Lolo” which loosely translates to a sufficient body, and “Lala” refers to a slender woman.



2. Plateau

Plateau is Abidjan’s business district surrounded by water. It shelters Abidjan’s most upmarket utilities. For a high-end hookup with an exotic boy or girl, you need to pop into gyms, gastronomic restaurants, malls, beauty parlours, churches or its botanical gardens. During the weekends especially on Saturdays and Sundays, one can easily spot girls and boys exiting worship buildings. One such place is St. Paul’s Catholic Church. You can also bump into girls and boys either  around  restaurants such as Pizza e Pasta.



3.  Ivory Coast Museum of Civilisation

It is located within Plateau. The place is also a good catchment area for random dates. It is one of the most frequented places in Abidjan. You will bump into expatriates with their families, local and international tourists as well as Abidjan girls and boys interested in making new friends.

By the way, don’t forget that this hunting spree at the aforementioned places happens during the day. For night dates, you will need to visit night joints where partying and manner of nocturnal socialisation takes place.  Abidjan’s nightlife is epic. A  walk at night along the beautiful boulevards becomes more interesting with the competing sounds from different discos playing Couper Decaler music. The most notable clubs are Alizee, Notarious Club, Blue Rock Complex, among others.

If you are lucky, you can get a genuine lady or gentleman. You need not throw caution to the wind. Like in any other city in the world, you are advised to look out for criminal elements, since it’s during the night that even villain appear like genuine and beautiful souls. Now enjoy your adventure.


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