Millicent omanga twerking video

Itabidi Wazoee!! Video Of Politician Millicent Omanga Twerking Excites Kenyans

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Millicent Omanga Excites A Big Crowd As She Shakes Her Big Ass

Last year Millicent Omanga responded to critics who castigated her for showing off her bedroom skills. The famous politician has been trolled severally for twerking on social media and also during political rallies.
In a past interview with Massawe Japanni Omanga made it clear that she loves dancing and she wouldn’t change the notion that women are not allowed to let loose of themselves.
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She pointed out that she was not ready to tone down adding that naysayers better get used to her dancing moves.
She said,” I love dancing so I do not understand what is wrong with me doing so, even my mum loves dancing. Even my fans know that I love dancing. It is God who created me the way I am, his work is perfect. We should change the notion that women should not be allowed to let loose. There is nothing to tone down, work with no play makes Jack a dull boy. Itabidi wazoee!!!”
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Millicent Omanga Confirms Her Buttocks Are Real

In the wake of socialites and fake assets, the bootylicious politician confirmed that her assets are not fake. All she did was update on Facebook that her buttocks are real a thing that sparked reactions among social media users. She used the phrase, “Ni real (it’s real).” In a short span of time over 5,000 people reacted to her update and over 1,000 more commented on the post.


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