History Of Valentine's Day: Valentine's Day Celebrations Around The World 1

History Of Valentine’s Day: Valentine’s Day Celebrations Around The World

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching with several stores stuffed with toys, chocolates, candy and gifting materials. These celebrations that occur in different ways globally demonstrate local ideas about love. Here’s a short story about how Valentine’s Day started:

History of Valentine’s Day

This special day is celebrated in the name of Saint Valentine. Valentine was a priest who served in Rome during the 3rd Century. When emperor Claudius II announced that single men could make better soldiers compared to those married, Valentine outlawed marriage for single soldiers.
Saint Valentine began performing secret marriages for the young soldiers. Claudius found out about his actions, and he ordered that he be put to death.
A different tale suggests that Saint Valentine was put to death while aiding the Christians to escape harsh Roman prisons, where they were mistreated. Saint Valentine gained popularity and couples globally began celebrating Valentine’s Day as the day of love. Here’s how different countries around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day:

Ghana- National Chocolate Day

History Of Valentine's Day: Valentine's Day Celebrations Around The World 2

In Ghana, “National Chocolate Day” is celebrated on Feb 14 as it is the largest cocoa-producing country globally. The Ghana government marked this day in 2007 in a bid to increase tourism in Ghana. One can attend music events and performances or dine in restaurants with Valentine’s Day-themed menus on Valentine’s Day.


France is known as the epicentre of romance. It is believed that the first Valentine’s Day card originated in this country when the Duke of Orleans sent love letters to his wife in 1415. France is considered to have the most beautiful Valentine’s Day traditions globally. One may come across beautiful trees and decorated homes.


Valentine’s Day in Bulgaria is considered to be the Day of Winemakers. Like any other country, Bulgaria has a unique way of celebrating Valentine’s Day. Couples celebrate their love with a glass of local wine.


Valentine’s Day in Wales is celebrated on Jan 25, the “day of San Dwynwen.” Lovers exchange unique wooden spoons with each other.


Valentine’s Day in the Philippines is a moment when young couples marry at a gala event. The gala event is a form of public service.


Japan celebrates Valentine’s Day on 14th February but tends to do it quite differently. Women buy gifts for their lovers but they can’t return them until the “White Day” that’s celebrated on March 14th.
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