Understanding How to Practice Perineum Sunning 1

Understanding How to Practice Perineum Sunning

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Perineum sunning also known as “butthole ” or “anal” sunning involves exposing that patch of skin between your scrotum and butt (perineum) to the sun’s rays. Butthole sunning enthusiasts practice it in multiple poses, often lying on their backs with their legs wide spread or resting on fours in a downward-facing dog position.

The full effects of the practice require you to tan your taint fully nude. Sunning doesn’t only keep your Brazilian wax or your bleached anus uniformly tanned. It’s said to give your body a heavy dose of Vitamin D which improves sleep and improves your libido.

Is Perineum Sunning – a New Fad or Ancient Practice?

Wellness experts assert that this practice has been around for thousands of years. It originated in ancient Taoism, which believed that the perineum was an important portal in the body and a channel for energy.

Understanding How to Practice Perineum Sunning 2

According to Taoists, sunning the perineum cleanses your genitals and keeps your reproductive organs clean and functioning correctly.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that perineum sunning benefits include improved sleep quality and increased creativity when performing this ancient practice.

How to do Perineum Sunning

If you intend to do perineum sunning, it’s important to do it safely. When trying the practice for the first time, you should only start with a few seconds in low UV times of the day.

The morning and evening sun is less intense so you can start from there and build up more melanin before you can do it for 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

Perineum sunning is performed best when one’s naked, therefore choose a private area and lie back as you pull your knees into your chest and expose your butthole to the sunlight.

Make sure you point your perineum directly to the sun and lie there for a chosen amount of time. If you want to be safer, you can apply sun protection in the SPF50 sunscreen to prevent you from burning.



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