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Toilet cleaner sweeps minister’s daughter off her feet and ‘fill her up’

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Toilet cleaner woos Minister’s daughter

A toilet attendant has gone into hiding and is being hunted by the police after having his way with a minister’s daughter.

Dennis Ibanda ,27, works as a toilet cleaner in one of the public toilets in the city arcade at the city center. He is responsible for keeping the public facility spotless and collects UGsh200 every time someone uses it. At the end of the day he remits a certain amount of money to his boss and keeps the rest for himself.

How Dennis put the Minister’s daughter in a ‘box’

According to one of his colleagues, Tadewo Omala, who works at a Non-Governmental Organization in the city the two met at Sheraton hotel.

Omala had a wedding party at Sheraton and invited his friend Ibanda whom he studied together with in secondary school.

”My bride is related to a minister so the minster’s family attended the party at Sheraton. Ibanda befriended one of the ministers daughter and they exchanged phone numbers. I later learnt that he had deceived her that he works in the presidents’ office,” said Omala.

All was going well and no one suspected thing until Omala’s wife inquired about Ibanda. She wanted to know where he worked and that is when the truth came out.

Dennis’s true identity revealed

Omala says he did not know why his wife wanted to know where my old friend worked but since he thought it was a normal question he didn’t think too much about it and informed her that he is a toilet cleaner.

”She could not believe her ears, at the Sheraton function he was very smart in a grey suit and he posed as someone with a big job.” said Omala.

Toilet cleaner impregnates Minister’s daughter

It was only later that a shocked Omala learnt from his wife that Ibanda had impregnated the ministers daughter and had switched off his mobile phone.

When he tried to call Ibanda, his phone was off and when he went to his workplace he was told that he had been away for some days.

Ibanda’s friend added that although the girl is 19-years-old, the minister has since instructed police to hunt for Ibanda who remains at large.

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