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Tiktoker Kinuthia Announces He Is Pregnant

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Official Kinuthia Reveals He’s Expecting First Child

Content creator Kinuthia has announced that he is pregnant. The Famous tiktoker shared a photo on his social media pages in a navy blue gown as he lovingly held his tummy and captioned the trending photo with, ” Can’t wait, pregnant emoji, I am in tears.”His recent photo has caused confusion among social media fans.

Kinuthia started gaining fame on social media for dressing like a woman, wearing makeup and nail art. In a recent interview, he was asked why he likes dressing like a woman. He confirmed that cross-dressing is his job adding that it pays his bills.

“I can not stop doing what I do because people are trolling me because I am a male. Because that is what has brought me the far that I have come. This character has brought me where I am, there is no way I can switch up and start another character. People will get bored, people are used to this version.”

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Kinuthia’s post elicited many reactions from the online community, claiming that he is chasing clout since men cannot conceive. Some of his fans commented, Leilaadiin said: “Audhubillahi! Did He borrow a uterus?”

Lydia_muthondu’ said: “I can’t wait for the gender reveal prank party.”

Jay_mwangi254 said: “Mockery to women who have had kids and experienced the whole deal, pure nonsense. You need a lot of healing bana.”

Hotensiawangari said: “Story za jaba hizi.” Mrkkmwenyewe said: “Atuambie ni ya miezi ngapi asipo zaa in 9 months apigwe viboko.”

It is not clear whether the cross-dresser who recently underwent a procedure to reduce the size of his tummy is getting ready for another surgery. Despite sharing a sneak peek of his pregnancy, Kinuthia was reluctant to share more details about his alleged pregnancy. Netizens are left with numerous speculations as many people are now guessing who the father of the child is.

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