Things To Consider When Dating a Single Mom 1

Things To Consider When Dating a Single Mom

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If you have joined the dating game, you are likely to come across single moms in the mix. According to a Pew Research Center study, the United States has the world’s highest rate of children living in households run by single moms.
Single moms come with many unique priorities, perspectives and life experiences to the dating table.
For this reason, single moms can make great partners. They are smart, flexible and capable partners who know what they want out of a relationship. Here are tips for kicking it off with a single mom and how to take your relationship with her to the next level:

Recognize that Single Moms Are Different

When dating a single mom it’s vital to adjust your expectations. In other relationships, it was possible to gauge a person’s feelings for you based on the amount of time they spent on you and how much energy they put into the relationship.
Dating a single mom is entirely different since they may not invest a lot of time in the relationship as you would both like. Their time is limited and most of their energy goes to their children. You may need to look for different expressions of their feelings for you.
Single moms are also very clear about what they want in their life. Therefore they can eliminate a lot of mystery becoming a very attractive quality for many individuals in a relationship.
Things To Consider When Dating a Single Mom 2

Accept That Her Children Will Always Be Her First Priority

For single mothers, their children are likely to come first. It’s important to accept this fact. A mother’s devotion to her children is admirable, embracing this helps to enrich the relationship and prevents you from becoming jealous. Depending on her children’s age, they may be involved in deciding whether their mothers should date or not.
The bond between single mothers and their children is intense and children may experience some sense of insecurity at the thought of their mothers dating. It is important to acknowledge the relationship between mothers and their children allowing your significant other to navigate things in a way that makes them and their children feel comfortable.

Consider the Other Parent in the Situation

When parents start to navigate the dating scene after divorce, their timeliness will not always align. One of the parents may have been on several dates or a consistent relationship while the other is not ready to date.
When you are dating a single mom, you should consider the other parent’s feelings. Understand that there could be adjustments and conversations to be had. Remember, the other partner may experience jealousy or be a little standoffish when you meet them at first which is normal.
Approach such a situation with compassion and understanding that despite the circumstances, you’ll stand up for your partner while the two of you decide whether you are a true fit.
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