These African Marriage Customs Are So Outrageous, You’ll Think They’re Fake

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The Most Bizarre and Disturbing African Marriage Customs That Will Blow Your Mind

You may think that marriage is all about love and romance, but for some people, it’s a whole different story. Some African cultures have marriage rituals that are so weird and horrifying that they will make your jaw drop. In this article, Nim Notty will take you on a wild ride through some of the most insane and extreme African marriage customs that you have never heard of. From stealing brides to cutting off parts of your body, these are the African marriage customs that will make you glad you’re urban;

(Kenya)- Pokot tribe, More Cows, More Wives

For the Pokot tribe of Kenya, cows are more than just animals. They are the currency of love. The more cows you own, the more wives you can woo. It’s a moo-tiful way to find your soulmate.

(Uganda)- Banyakole tribe, Virginity Test

Some people may think that getting married is a piece of cake, but for the Banyakole tribe, a minority tribe in Kenya, it’s a whole different story. The bride’s aunt has a very important role to play in the wedding ceremony. She has to check if the bride is still a virgin, and then she has to sleep with the groom to make sure he can perform in bed. Talk about a tough job! I know most aunts still fuck the groom after the wedding. I mean, what if she got that good fat wet ebony pussy and she wild wit it!

(Malawi)- Sexual Cleansing

In Malawi, death is not the end of a marriage, it’s just the beginning of a new ordeal. The widow of a deceased man has to undergo a ritual called sexual cleansing, which involves having sex with his brother, relative, or clan member. This is supposed to wash away the stain of death from her soul and free the spirit of her late husband. Talk about fucking my wife over my dead body.

(Sudan)- Latuka tribe, Kidnap the Pussy

The Latuka tribe of Sudan has proved that romance is alive and kicking. Literally. When a man wants to marry a woman, he doesn’t ask her out or buy her flowers. He just kidnaps her and takes her to his home and fucks her brains out. Then he sends his elders to talk to her father and ask for his blessing. If the father agrees, he shows his approval by beating up the groom-to-be. But if he doesn’t, the groom-to-be may still marry the woman anyway.

(Nigeria)- Fulani tribe, Strokes For the Man?!

Some men may think that marriage is a walk in the park, but for the Fulani people of Northern Nigeria, it’s more like a walk through hell. They have a tradition called ‘sharo’ which means flogging. Yes, you heard that right. Flogging. When a man wants to marry a woman, he has to endure a public whipping and get some good strokes of the cane to prove that he is strong enough to deserve her. He has to show no pain or fear as he is lashed with sticks and whips. This will make you think twice before popping the question.

(Mauritania)- Fat Ebony Wives Are Best

The people of Mauritania believe that a big, round wife is a sign of good luck and wealth in marriage. That’s why they force-feed their women to make them fatter for their wedding day. They stuff them with camel milk, couscous, and other fattening foods. This sometimes leads to health problems and diseases later on but for sure that ebony pussy fat for good smashing on the wedding day.

(Niger)- Male Strippers Get Wives

You may think that impressing a woman is hard, but for the men of Niger, it’s a piece of art. They dress up in colorful costumes and perform for their potential brides. They dance, sing, and show off their skills. Women then watch and pick the man they like the most. It’s like a talent show for love. This is one of the most creative and fun African marriage customs that will make you wish you had some moves.

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