Why Are STD Cases Rising Among Adults Over Sixty Years Old ? 1

Why Are STD Cases Rising Among Adults Over Sixty Years Old ?

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The occurrence of HIV and other STIs among old people between the ages of 60 and 89 years is going up in various regions of the world. According to a new study by Lancet Healthy Longevity, stigma reduction, more awareness about the issue and more preventive measures are required. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), people around the world live longer compared to other years. Also, the number of people above sixty years is likely to double by the year 2050.
As age catches up with us, our health generally decreases. Our immune system also weakens and hence becomes more susceptible to infections including HIV and other STIs like genital herpes, syphilis, chlamydia and genital herpes among others. According to statistics published in 2018 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a growing trend in new HIV infections in adults over 50 than in people 40 years and under was observed.
Angelina Gangestead, MD, University Hospitals Division  Chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology shares, ” Rates are highest in the under 25 age group, which accounts for about 50 per cent of STIs. But we’re definitely seeing a rise in infections in the older population, particularly in people over 65.”

Why are STD Cases Rising Among Older Adults?

Researchers tend to believe that STD cases are on the rise simply because old people are having more sex compared to past generations.
How people meet each other and form relationships is one key factor that comes into play. This includes app-based dating services that are largely attracting older adults.
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The market for medication that caters to sexual health problems is also looming for both women and men. In the past, for instance, the Food and Drug Administration approved treatments that sought to aid women having sex-related problems including pain during sex and vaginal dryness.
New trends in medicine have also provided men with solutions to erectile dysfunction. These drugs ensure that men can engage in sexual activity in their old age. CDC reports an increase in cases of STDs among adults above the age of 50 in the 2000s having increased from the averages in the same age group in the 90s.
America is experiencing a high divorce rate. Older people who perceive themselves less likely to contract STDs are looking for dates online lowering the chances of knowing their sex partners’ background and sexual history.
Older adults sometimes may not realize the health benefits of engaging in protected sex even without the concern of unwanted pregnancy.
A number of older adults may not have received formal education on safe sex. STD prevention education was prevalent in the 1980s when HIV/AIDs was also discovered. At that time many old adults were married and probably missed out on safe sex education that was provided to younger adults at the time.

Conversations About STDs With Older Adults

We are encouraged to advise our loved ones to have dialogues with their primary caregivers about STDs. We may assume that doctors may address crucial aspects of our loved ones well being however it’s important to note that some doctors may feel uncomfortable discussing it with their patients assuming that older adults are not sexually active.
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