Naivasha Safari Rally: King Of Condoms And Sponsors To Distribute Half A Million Condoms

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Condoms Prices Shoot Ahead Of WRC In Naivasha

Stanley Ngara the founder of the King of Condoms drive says that about five hundred thousand condoms will be available for Safari rally enthusiasts during the world rally championships in Naivasha. Stanley says that the move will ensure that those who will indulge in sex during the championships will do it in a safe way. Ngara however said that there has been a challenge in importing condoms because of the high taxation. He further asserts that he will be involved in educating people on safe sex in addition to distributing them to those who need them during the five days of the championship.


Ngara said, “There is still a challenge in condom importation due to high taxation but we have factored in for the rally event and have 500,000 condoms from our partners and sponsors. Our purpose during the five days is to educate people about safe sex, demonstrate how to use condoms and distribute them to those in need. Safari Rally is an international event that will attract a lot of people that is why we have partnered with some organizers to pitch tents there,”

Ngara asserts that due to tough economic times, condoms that condom prices have shot. Those that were retailing at fifty shillings have shot to two hundred shillings while those that were ranging at around a thousand shillings are about one thousand five hundred shillings right now. Stanley also says that most NGOs stopped shipping them more than three years ago. During last year’s event traffic in Naivasha was affected due to the influx of visitors who put up tents along the road.

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