Shugatiti Excited About Her Squirting Experience,Still Miserable That She Can’t Experience Orgasm

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Several months after revealing that no man has ever made her climax, Ghanaian socialite Serwaa Abena Frimpong Manso better known as Shugatiti has shared updates on her sex life. The popular actress said that she recently squirted, a thing that upgraded her sexual life.
The entrepreneur made claims that she hasn’t been able to experience orgasm since the men she dealt with earlier were not strong enough. She claimed,  “Still no man has been able to make me cum. I only squirted recently but as for orgasm, no. My whole life, it’s just recently that I have been able to squirt,” 
Kwaku Manu was amused by the response and further went ahead to ask, “So what exactly have the boys who have been banging you been doing?
Shugatiti replied, “At least they made me squirt. I have been excited about it since. But I think they are not strong enough.”
He also asked Shugatiti whether if by any chance she had gone through any act that could have taken away her clitoral stimulations after which she replied, You can’t satisfy me, I have never cum in my life, I don’t get orgasms. I asked my doctor, and he said it was normal because not all women will get orgasms.
Earlier this year, Shugatiti was in the trends after she made claims in an interview with Zionfelix that she’s never experienced an orgasm all her life. Her statement attracted numerous responses from Netizens and also a popular American pornstar known as King Nazzir who showed readiness to help Shugatiti reach climax.

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