(SexTape)Zimbabwean Pastor's Daughter Nyasha Allegedly Caught Chewing Friend's Pussy 1

(SexTape)Zimbabwean Pastor’s Daughter Nyasha Allegedly Caught Chewing Friend’s Pussy

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A private video of two ladies in Zimbabwe participating in lesbian activities has spread on the internet. Rumour has it that the duo pretend to be close friends and locals in Masvingo don’t expect them to participate in such bizarre activities. One of the girls, who is identified as Nyasha is seen going down on the other girl. The duo seems to be in love as one of the girls indicates that they want to cum as they groan the other girl’s name who is the one in charge. She’s heard saying, ” I’m feeling you Nyashaa because you do the same to mee..oohh Nyasha I’m about to cum…awww.”
The sex video was shared on Flora’s social media account surprisingly. Many Netizens were left scratching their heads why Flora would risk legal consequences by sharing a tlof tlof video of her and another woman on social media. There are speculations that her social media account was hacked.
Nonchalant about their sex video circulating online, Flora shared a video on Tiktok captioned, ” POV: Me to those guns that be talking sh-t to me muzvima group zvavo but kana tasangana live vakungoseka seka.” ( Black people are too quick to unite when they want to destroy another black person.”)
The debate surrounding LGBTQ rights and acceptance has been an ongoing topic in Zimbabwe for a long time now. Opponents and supporters have been voicing their opinions on the matter.

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