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Masculinity Coach Loses direction. Andrew Kibe Gushes Over Nikita Kering

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Andrew Kibe Reveals He Would Cry if Nikita Kering Fucked Him

Andrew Kibe, YouTuber and self-proclaimed Truth Seeker in a recent video he put up, seemingly stepped out of his “Alpha Male” character and gushed over Kenyan Singer, Nikita Kering.

In the four-minute-long video, he expresses outright admiration for Nikita Kering, describing her beauty and body lustfully.

Kibe goes ahead to address the singer directly, asking her to move to the US where he lives, so that they can meet and possibly get into a serious relationship, offering to get a house for her in the US, where they can live together and raise their children.

Nikitaka peng’, labda Nikita Kering
Munga 2022

Looking at Nikita Kering, it’s easy to see why someone would make such remarks but from Andrew Kibe, this came as a shock to netizens considering how he openly speaks about women, relationships and the public shaming of couples that has fueled his rise to fame.

nikita kering
Andrew Kibe is thirsty for Nikita Kering and its clear why

In the YouTube video, Kibe plays Nikita’s TikTok videos of her doing some of the app’s viral challenges as he proceeded to compliment her. This was as he made remarks of how Nikita is the only woman who would make him consider disappearing from social media, abandoning all his gained followers, and stop hosting his crazy shows since he would rather spend time with Nikita and focus on her 100%.

It is very rare to see Kibe in this form. The compliments and positive remarks coming from him were something no one ever thought he was capable of.

After publicly admitting his two failed marriages and attacking couples on his YouTube videos, advising his male followers on how no relationships do not yield any positive outcomes, it seems that Andrew Kibe has lost his “masculine frame” and has become a simp.

There truly is someone for everyone out here. After all, something must kill a man.

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