How to have mad fun in South Africa.

South African nightlife is so diverse, there’s something for everyone!

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There’s something for everyone

The nightlife in South Africa is fuuuun and caters to everyone’s specific needs you won’t be bored a minute if you go out. 

How a typical night out in South Africa looks like 

Three women dance to the beat of the Amapiano music, two with a savannah cider bottle at hand and the other with the bottle on her head going low each time the beat drops. The crowd cheers which edges her on to break more moves. One person in awe reacts and says South Africans have inbuilt ‘Meghan Stallion knees’ as the dancer is steady while dancing as she goes down to a squat position, legs closed and immediately goes up again and busts this move thrice repetitively.  

This is but what you can expect to see on any typical night as people head to clubs to enjoy the drinks, music, and dancing or ambiance these places have to offer.

 Some of the nightlife activities to enjoy in SA are:

Enjoy SA RnB and drinks on Long street

Long street in Cape Town is a favourite when it comes to nightlife. It has various entertainment spots to go to therefore it is just for you to pick. Some of the favourites include the Fiction Play and 169 on Long which introduces you to the best of International and South Africa RnB, house and hip hop and drinks.

It is open from Tuesday to Friday from 9pm to 4 am. It mainly attracts backpackers who stay in nearby hotels. However, Tuesday is students’ night and Wednesday is techno night. Always take care of your valuables as you walk this street. 

Karaoke night at Aces N Spades in Cape Town

If you love to sing your heart out and belt your favourite tunes in karaoke then look no further than the Aces N Spades in Cape Town. Karaoke night is on a Wednesday and the establishment opens from 4 pm to 2 am. Try your luck and compete with the locals and your friends and if you think you are good just wait and see what the locals have to offer. 

Enjoy a craft beer at CapitalCraft in Pretoria

Craft beer is in plenty at CapitalCraft in Pretoria. Here is where South African craft beer is explored and made to complete the delicacies served in the establishment. The best thing about this is the staff are ready to exceed expectations by rising up to any challenge you throw at them. Head there and enjoy the rustic ambiance filled with aromas of food and craft beer.

Whisky lovers converge at ‘Wild about Whisky’ in Dullstroom

Wild about whisky in Dullstroom lives up to its name, with over 1200 whisky brands from 20 different countries ready for tasting. Whisky lovers will bask and revel in this place. Moreover, there are rum and gin tasting sessions too. Visit here and enjoy all the brown liquor that you want.

Enjoy chic ambiance Muse Champagne Room in Johannesburg

If you are looking for a chic ambiance for your night then look no further than the Muse Champagne Room in Johannesburg. Located at the Fairlawns Boutique Hotel, this is where France meets South Africa with its appetizers and ambiance. One of the best places for a fancy night out.

Go back in time at Alexander Bar, Café, and Theatre

Go back in time at the Alexander Bar, Café, and Theatre at Cape Town Central as you use an old telephone to order your drinks then head upstairs to watch local South African plays. Enjoy daily specials and meals until midnight as the kitchen closes by that time.

Brampton wine studio at Stellenbosch

Wine lovers can enjoy their time at Brampton wine studio at Stellenbosch. While there, make sure to try the Roxton and Shiraz wines as you relax and make polite conversation with your friends and family. The establishment closes at 9 pm.

Watch a film at Maboneng Precinct on Fox Street

If you love films and all you want to do is watch a film at night, the Maboneng Precinct is the place to be. Head over to The Bioscope art-house cinema on Fox Street and explore contemporary films made by Africans in Africa and some classics like Rocky Horror Picture Show. 

Welcome New Year at Cape Town Minstrel Carnival

If you are in cape town around the New years then you are in luck to participate in the Cape Town Minstrel Carnival popularly known as Kaapse Klopse or Tweede Nuwe Jaar Minstrel Parade by the locals on January 2nd.

The festival stems from the colonial days when slaves were only allowed a day off annually on January 2nd. Watch the town turn colorful with paint and glitter and performances from English to Afrikaans groups. The festival shows that something beautiful can come from a horrible past. Make sure not to miss it. The entrance fee is between 30 to 40 Rand.

LGBT+ enjoy The pride month in Cape Town

The LGBT+ community will love that South Africa celebrates pride month in Cape Town. The community and their supporters go in numbers to the streets of Cape Town and some in floats as the LGBTQ+ colours are painted all over from the flags, floats, clothes, and signs.

Embrace your sexual orientation openly and proudly with no fear during this time. Be loud, proud, and gay. Green point is the center of gay life in Cape Town. Enjoy the bars that are in the area until the wee hours of the morning.

South African nightlife is so diverse, there's something for everyone! 1 1878

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