Hezo and Dr. Cephco Face Possible Arrest Over Sextape

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Popular Tiktoker known as Dr Cephco and his girlfriend Hezo may get into trouble as a result of the anti-pornography committee displaying their interest in the recent incident involving a leaked sex tape. The Pornography Control Committee’s chair Dr. Annette Kezaabu stated the intention to look into how the sex tape leaked online.
Sharing of graphic images and or videos can result in accusations of offensive speech under the Computer Misuse Act. Anyone who appears in such content can be accused of pornography which may result in fines of sh 10 million and or a decade in prison upon conviction.
This leak happens several months after Dr Cephco showed off his big dick online creating a buzz on social media. His banging figure and big black cock had many Ugandan pussies dripping wet. The Ugandan celebrity was the talk of the town after his Tiktok videos and his alleged girlfriend Nakankaka and Sefuko’s sex video that leaked on a Telegram porn channel. Sefuko was seen showing off his dick on a camera and he also films himself playing around with his dick and towel.
Cepho’s journey to fame hasn’t been without its share of drama. Cepho became the subject of sympathy when he was arrested by musician Jennifer Nakaguubi alias Full Figure. It was made on allegations of defamation and it has sent shockwaves in the social media sphere.

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